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New Products

Sanitary Dry Diaphragm Pressure Gauge

With a scale for 270-degree display, this pressure gauge assures sanitary and safety pressure control at food, medical product and cosmetic product factories.

Available pressure ranges 0to0.4MPa
Precision ±2.5%F.S.
Case material, SUS
outside finish, first coat
Wet-part material SUS 316L.
Ferrule size 1 - 1/2S
10A(under development)

・No sealed liquid would leak into the line in case of pressure-receiving part rupture because no silicon oil or glycerine is sealed in the diaphragm.
・A 270-degree scale angle.
・Superior temperature characteristics to those of a liquid-sealed type.
・The pressure-receiving part is electropolished.

Double-Faced Pressure Gauge

Two same-design dial scales are mounted back to back, the gauge is very convenient to obtain readings from either side.

Available pressure ranges 0to0.25MPa

Precision ±1.6%F.S.
Wet-part materials brass or stainless steel
Connection screws G1/4,R1/4

・Pressure indicated on the double-faced dials can be read from many directions.
・Compact and lightweight --- 60 mm in dial diameter, 36 mm in depth.
・Drip-proof structure, with covers sealed by O-ring.

Electronic Retard Gauge for Fire Engines

Block diagram
(For measuring pressures, flow rates and liquid levels.)

・Multiplex transmission can send power supply, lighting and earthing data and measured data coming from up to 3 gauges via a single cable.
・Signals from sensors are output with a single cable via a control unit. Each gauge picks up its necessary data alone and indicate the measurement.
・The gauges very accurately indicate over a maximum deflection angle of 270 degrees with the help of a stepping motor.
・The combination of an illuminated red needle and a transparent green dial plate offers a clear display of measured results.

Electronic Retard Gauge

Pressure Sensor