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Pressure Gauges with Electric Contact

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Pressure Gauges with Pointer Contacts


This gauge has a simple platinum contact.

Size (dial diameter):100 mm, 150 mm
Measuring range:0.05 to 200 MPa
Contact capacity:100 V AC, 0.5 A.

The contact capacity of Models 647 and 648 may be amplified by the joint use of a relay

Pressure Gauges with Microswitch


A microswitch is used for the contact to directly activate the gauge.

Size (dial diameter):100 mm, 150 mm
Measuring range:0.1 to 50 MPa
Contact capacity:AC250V 15A

Note: The measuring range may be changed depending on the size.

Pressure Gauges with Photoelectric Switch


These gauges are equipped with a photoelectric switch for the contact to increase the contact accuracy and life.

Size (dial diameter):100 mm, 150 mm, square
Measuring range:0.1 to 7 MPa
Wet-part materials:super-alloy, SUS 316