Pressure Gauges[Asahi Gauge Manufacturing Co., Ltd.]
Asahi Gauge Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 
3-13-10, Nishitemma, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0047, Japan
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Corporate outline

Asahi Gauge was founded in 1916 under the name of its predecessor, Mori Measuring Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

More than 90 years have passed since the manufacturer brought its first weighing machine and gas cutter to the market. Supported by the users, Asahi has enjoyed its unequalled fame as the first-rate manufacturer of pressure gauges ever since.

Not content with the name and fame it has built up, Asahi is dedicated to upgrading product quality furthermore, reducing cost and developing new products by making full use of its latest technology. All products from Asahi are admired for their superb quality that deserves its name as the only pressure gauge manufacturer in Japan.


Name of company
Asahi Gauge Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
26 December 1936
\7.5 million
Number of employees
approx. 120
The board
Teruo Kusu, president & representative director
Hiroshi Takehara, director
Masafumi Fujimoto, director
Shinya Yamamoto, auditor
Locations of company facilities

Head Office

3-13-10, Nishitemma, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0047, Japan
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Tokyo Sales Office

c/o 2nd. fl., Nakasato Building
1-1-21, Shiba Daimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0012, Japan

Shiga Factory

3-6-1, Ishibe Chuou, Konan, Shiga Prefecture 520-3106, Japan
Areas of business
  • Manufacture and sale of pressure gauges for general use, digital pressure gauge, pressure gauge with electric contact, pressure switch, pressure transmitter, differential pressure gauge, recording meter, liquid-sealed pressure gauge, other gauges for special application, pressure gauge tester, pressure controller and accessories.
  • Design, manufacture and sale of systems using pressure gauge(s) and system equipment.