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Hallmarked Products from Asahi Gauge
  New Products
Pressure gauges for general application:
  Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauges
New Lightweight Gauge
Weather Proof Type Pressure Gauges
Super-high Pressure Gauges
Low Range Pressure Gauges
Differential Pressure Gauge
Low Range Differencial Pressure Gauges
Small-size Pressure Gauges
Oil-sealed Pressure Gauge
Pneumatic Receiver Gauges
Draft Gauges
Digital pressure gauge
Self-recording pressure gauge
Twin-scale pressure gauge
  Pressure gauges with electric contact:
  Pressure Switch Selection Guide (PDF)
Pressure Gauge with Electric Contact
Chemicals-resistant Pressure Switches
PSS-type Pressure Switch
HM-type Pressure Switch
Pressure-resistant and Explosion-proof Electric Contact Pressure Gauges and Switches
  Pressure gauges for specific application
  Inline Type CylinderSeal Pressure Gauge
Diaphragm-seal Pressure Gauges
Sanitary Pressure Gauges and Sanitary Transmitters (for food)
Sanitary Level Transmitters (for food)
Clean Gauge (for semiconductors)
Chemicals-resistant Pressure Gauges (for semiconductors)
Retard Pressure Gauge (for fire engines)
  Pressure transmitters
  Pressure Transmitter
MDC-Y Differential Pressure Transmitter
High-temperature Small-diaphragm-seal Pressure Gauges and Transmitters
  Peripheral equipment
  Digital Panel Meters (Receivers)
  Other equipment
  Pressure Gauge Testers
Pressure Gauge Accessories(PDF)
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More than 90 Years Dedicated to Making Pressure Gauges

It was more than 90 years ago that Asahi came up with pressure gauges, weighing machines and gas cutters that were admired by the users for their high quality. Ever since, the name of Asahi has been a synonym of the hallmark of reliable pressure gauges of all types.

Not satisfied with the name and fame it has built up, Asahi is dedicated to upgrading product quality furthermore, reducing cost and developing new products by making full use of its latest technology. Responding proactively to customers’ needs before they would take shape is what Asahi’s researchers and engineers are for.


-Double-faced pressure gauge
-Dry sanitary diaphragm pressure gauge
-Electronic retard gauge for fire engines

-The oil-less sanitary pressure transmitter ensures clean and safe process control. They are ideal for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Asahi Gauge, a dedicated pressure gauge manufacturer, is outlined in view of its history of more than 90 years.

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All Asahi products are produced at factories qualified for ISO 9001